About Us

Something that you should know about Revcon Concept

Revcon Concept is a Renovation Company but not an Interior Design firm. We do provide a wide range of services for your Home Renovation, Office Renovation and Retail Renovation. Our core business is Renovation Service and Project Management.

Provide Ideas & Suggestion

What we do is to listen to what you like to do for your home, we do also provide you some suggestion and ideas on how to make your home lovely and comfortable. We are not an Interior Designer firm, but we can suggest or give you some sample of our past work.

Cost Estimation & Budget Control

Costing and budget is what house owner concern the most about, therefore we provide cost estimation service and ensure that we build your dream home within your budget.

Managing Renovation Works

You’re almost hassle free on your renovation because we will take care of everything of your renovation work. It can be easily involved more than ten different trade of sub-contractors to carry out the renovation works, but do not worry because you have us to manage them for you.

Provide Quality Works

We have a team of skilled and well trained in-house workers. We ensures that the work is completed on schedule and it exceed customers’ expectation. We will manage all of the workers and ensure that they do every single works in proper way and sequence.

If you unsure that whether you’re in the right place, do not worry and just contact us through the contact form and we can discuss further. Pricing isn’t a big issue, we will surely provide competitive pricing that fit your budget.

Build your dream home is our first priority goal!